100 Bristol Homes Get Smart Help To Cut Fuel Bills By 20%

Published by Surveying Equipment .com | May 01, 2012 | Comment(s): 0

100 Bristol residents will be helped to cut their electricity and gas bills by up to 20 per cent as part of a European-funded energy-monitoring project. 

A total of 100 homes in Knowle West and Kingsdown will be involved with the 3e Houses project . This project is working with tenants in social housing in Bristol, Spain and Germany.

The project is funded by the European Commission and sees Bristol City Council working with Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, Knowle West Media Centre, and local SME IP Performance, to deliver the project in the city.

The International partners Bristol is working with include Indra, a global technology company, and Gas Natural Fenosa, a Spanish-based energy utility with over 10 million customers.


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