Discovery To Broadcast Centrica Energy's Gas Platforms

Published by Surveying Equipment .com | May 01, 2012 | Comment(s): 0

Discovery will broadcast a brand new two part series, 'Mega Rigs', which follows scientists, engineers and drilling experts as they construct a new generation of state of the art platforms and develop innovative drilling technology, whilst battling the remote and challenging gas fields of the North Sea. 

The series features two of Centrica Energy’s pioneering projects: the largest self-installing platform in the North Sea, F3-FA, which celebrated its first year of successful production in February, and the Ensign platform, which uses new drilling technologies to unlock hard to reach gas in the Southern North Sea. The series follows the journey to produce gas from geology and platform design through to construction, drilling and installation. Many companies across the supply chain were involved in the filming including Heerema Fabrication, Petrofac Training, Seaway Heavy Lifting, Schlumberger, Subsea 7 and Noble drilling.


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