Gibbs & Dandy Launch New Website

Published by Surveying Equipment .com | May 01, 2012 | Comment(s): 0

Providing access to a whole host of information and resources, Gibbs & Dandy has launched a new website. 

Having undergone a complete redevelopment, visitors can now access the Info Centre, which features a brick matching service, materials calculator, how to and tools guides, as well as live chat and feedback using the Ask The Experts service and the new GDTV.

In addition to the familiar product information sections, branch details and clearance deals, the new look site also offers customers the chance to sign up for informative e-newsletters, which can be tailored to the recipient’s areas of interest.


A welcome addition to the Gibbs & Dandy website is the introduction of a new timber microsite. Dedicated to its wide range of timber products and services, the microsite provides visitors with more details on its featured timber branches and milling specialities.

Commenting on the new website, Marketing Director for Gibbs & Dandy, Tania Tams, said: "As well as a fresh new look, the Gibbs & Dandy website is designed to be more interactive than ever before. The introduction of the Info Centre allows us to engage with our customers and provide them with a useful and informative resource, as opposed to just promoting our product range.

"GDTV is an exciting development for us and we hope to be featuring supplier videos, how to guides and the latest industry and branch news – making it a great tool for customers.

"Finally, the introduction of the timber microsite further emphasises our in branch skills and expert knowledge, as well as promoting services that many customers may not be aware of.

"The new website is a better reflection of all the services we offer and the relationship we have with our customers."


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