Holliday Technical Services Join RCS Certification Scheme

Published by Surveying Equipment .com | May 01, 2012 | Comment(s): 0

The Reset Certification Scheme allows cardholders' qualifications and competences to be checked online from a PC or smartphone. Because these checks can be completed remotely this greatly reduces verification time and ensures the cardholder can proceed to their workplace immediately after arriving on site. A cardholder can present their card for verification to anyone with internet access - no special card reader, software, drivers or licences are required to use the full range of RCS services.

All qualifications and competences are accessed from a single card. Every original certificate and document has been independently scrutinised by RCS and a verified true copy is stored on our secure servers. An RCS card may be offered to a verifier as proof, underpinned by the qualifications and competences of the cardholder.

With a quick visit to the RCS website the verifier can instantly view, print or save cardholder details and verified true copies of the original certificates and documents. Verifiers receive immediate visual confirmation of qualification status through our unique traffic light monitoring system:

red - The qualification has expired

amber - The qualification is still valid but has 28 days or less to the expiry date

green - The qualification is valid or is a lifetime qualification


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