Access Cover for 6inch PVC Pipe

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- Based on designs developed for the NGS bench mark

- Used to provide a protective cover for sectional rod monuments like those used for geodetic control or GPS

- Fits over 5" (127 mm) PVC pipe or inside standard* 6" (152 mm) Shedule 40 PVC pipe

- Heavy-duty design with significantly more material at critical points

- Stronger and fully recessed hinge

- Suitable for use in pavement areas such as streets or highways, as well as open land

- Weighs about 2.5 pounds (1.3 kg)

- Available with a tamper-proof screw that requires a special tool to open

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- A ring of concrete is usually poured around the outer ring of the BMAC Access Cover

* Per ASTM standards, 6" Schedule 40 PVC pipe can vary significantly in the inside diameter (up to .090") compared to the better precision of a good casting (.010").  Additionally, pipe from various suppliers can vary significantly within that range.  Generally, most suppliers try to make the pipe wall as thin as the specifications will allow in order to save material.  Berntsen produced the BMAC6 to fit a generally available pipe with an average inside diameter (ID) of 6.035".  Should you purchase your own PVC pipe locally, be sure the brand pipe you select fits the BMAC6 access cover to your satisfaction.  Suitable pipe is available from a variety of suppliers and may be willing to cut pipe to length for you.  PVC pipe is always available from Berntsen and guaranteed to fit the BMAC cover with a snug, light press fit, suitable for adhesive bonding to the BMAC6.

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