Leica DNA10 Digital Level Package

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Advantages that move you ahead:
- The generous LC-display presents all important measured data at a glance and shows the next step to take.
- Double your data safety: from now on, save your work automatically in the internal memory and additionally, after the measurements have been taken, on a PCMCIA card.
- The alphanumeric keyboard and the operating concept provide the highest levels of efficiency at work, optimum comfort and rapid familiarization.
- Save up to 50% in time with Leica digital levels.
- Measuring without mistakes or fatigue.
- The Leica Geo Office Tools is a program included in the delivery. It controls data exchange, the configuration of the instrument, creates code lists and stake out height lists and maintains the system software.
- The level processing option of Leica Geo Office processes your levelling data in a professional manner. The optional program contains functions such as line calculation, adjustment and the creation of reports. The data and results are managed in a data base.

What's in the Box:
2x GEB111, plug in Camcorder battery, small
1x GKL 112, Charger for GEB121 & GEB111 batteries
1x MCF32, CompactFlash PC card adapter
1x GEV189, cable TPS/DNA - USB
1x GSB5 Sunshade for digital levels
1x GST20, Wooden tripod, telescopic
1x GTL4M Telescopic staff, 4m, fibreglass
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Customer reviews

  • 5

    amazing product.

    Posted by Christopher Hardy

    great product, easy to use and very hard wearing as i have dropped it from my tripod a few times and it is hardly even scratched.

  • 5

    Great package deal for the Leica DNA10 level

    Posted by James Heatherington

    The Leica DNA10 is a really advanced digital level, Ive really enjoyed playing around with it to see what all of the features can do. I bought this package deal, and I'm really pleased with it because there are some great little bits of kit that come with the DNA10 level.

  • 5

    The Leica DNA10 has loads of features, so it is a really advanced level.

    Posted by Will Russ

    The Leica DNA10 takes measurements and stores data really quickly. Its got loads of features, and is a really advanced level. I'm really happy with they way the DNA10 has performed for me so far, its well worth the money you pay for it because it can do so much!

  • 4

    Fast service and delivery, happy with my purchase

    Posted by Adrian B

    Im really happy with the DNA10 package, its just what I needed, and the service and delivery was surprisingly quick.