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The Sonde is a compact dual frequency signal transmitter used to trace drains, sewers and other non conductive services. It can be attached to a range of equipment including drain rods, boring tools and inspection cameras.

Sonde Features
On a busy congested construction site background interference can make Sonde location difficult. The new Dual Frequency Sonde enables tracking in either 8 kHz or 33 kHz modes, making it more flexible and convenient to locate.

Small & Compact Design
Measuring only 38mm in diameter and 130mm in length, the Sonde is designed specifically for restrictive environments. Built to an IP67 standard the Sonde can be fully submerged and can cope with the harshest of environments. 

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High Signal Range
The Dual Frequency Sonde offers a typical signal range of up to 5 metres!

LED Indicator
Other Sonde's offer nothing in the way of user feedback ‐ It's often difficult to tell whether they are switched on and transmitting a signal. The Dual Frequency Sonde has a bright LED which flashes to indicate signal output and changes colour depending on the frequency in use. For example in 33 kHz mode the LED will flash green, however in 8 kHz mode the LED will flash orange.

Standard Battery Operation
Powered by a single AA battery you can typically expect 10 hours of continuous use.

Additional Information
Frequencies: 8 & 33 kHz.
Battery: 1x AA (LR6) providing 40 hour’s use.
Size: 38mm diameter, 130mm length.
Signal depth: Approximately 5m (dependant on frequency & site conditions)
Rod fitting: M10 male thread.

Customer reviews

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    Quite Clever

    Posted by Anthony Tickle

    Works in both the frequency's we use , the batter lasts a life time, preform brilliant even in water or sewage
    LED makes it easy to tell when its turned on!! why done all sondes have this ?? brilliant sonde for the same price as all the others