Cable Detection Ezicat i650 Cable Locator / Detector

Category: Cable Avoidance

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Starts in Power Mode
ensuring the most potentially dangerous current carrying services are detected first for maximum operator safety.

Automatic controls
making the EZiCAT easy to use, requiring minimal user experience.

In-built test function
allowing operators to test the hardware and software functionality prior to use.

Service Due Indicator
supporting customer planned maintenance schedules or quality systems by displaying a wrench icon after 12 months.

Hazard Zone
indicates the presence of a shallow buried service in power, 8 & 33 kHz modes, (within approximately 30cm) alerting users to the increased risk.

Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)
EZiCAT i-Series locators feature numeric signal strength readout, specifically designed for easy Sonde location and use with Signal Generator.

Depth Indication
utility depth estimation to 3m for additional survey information (EZiCAT i650 model only).

High contrast LCD screen
with built-in light sensor, automatically enabling the backlight in dark conditions.

Customer reviews

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    Ezicat i650

    Posted by Michael Slater

    my machine told me it needed servicing by itself. But i completely forgot and didnt actually use the Ezicat i650 again for around another 5months. Even after such a long period of non-usage it still remembered it needed servicing when even i had forgotten. A very clever piece of technology and a must have, if you have the money.