G Saver 14M Galv. Safety Block

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The G-Saver II retractable fall arrest and emergency retrieval winch is available with galvanized or stainless steel wire rope with lengths ranging from 7 to 34 metres.

It can be used:
- As a fall arrester, with the reassurance that the user can quickly and easily be retrieved should a fall occur.
- Mounted vertically above a user. in roofing and horizontal applications in conjunction with a suitable anchorage.
- For confined space access when mounted on the G-Tripod or on a permanent anchorage device.

- Lightweight durable aluminium housing.
- Cable length - 7-34mtrs of 5mm diameter galvanised or stainless steel cable.
- Fall arrest stopping distance between 0.6 and 1.0 m.
- Cable retrieval rate - approximately 3m per minute in winch mode.
- Incorporates an anti-run winch mechanism.
- Unit weight - 12-23 kg.

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    Posted by H.Day

    Were using this as part of a winch system to lower workers in confined spaces, we have found it to be brilliant and safe and carry's our loads with ease