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For improved visibility of red laser dots or lines in bright rooms and outdoors up to 15m.

Ideal for:

Leica DISTO DXT Leica DISTO D8 Leica Lino L2P5
Leica DISTO D2 Leica Lino P3 Leica Roteo 20HV
Leica DISTO D3a Leica Lino P5 Leica Roteo 25H
Leica DISTO D3a BT Leica Lino L2 Leica Roteo 35
Leica DISTO D5 Leica Lino L2+ Leica Roteo 35G

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Customer reviews

  • 5

    These laser glasses are really useful

    Posted by J Fisher

    I've found these laser glasses really useful, especially when working outside. They really help to improve visibility of the laser from a laser level. At under 13 quid they're well worth a buy.

  • 5

    Red Specs

    Posted by George Harrington

    Amazing how a red lenses make you see a red beam better, really works,well worth the price !
    I have used them in the sun and really makes a difference to your disto's potential outdoors

  • 5

    Next Day

    Posted by R

    Came next day, thumbs up