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Right to the point. Whether ceiling grid or project layout for floors or walls – the Leica 3D Disto projects your design onto any surface – point for point.

Quick tools inspire the user: establish plumb, create level reference points, or precisely transfer offsets or locations.


It can do everything

- Measure plan position, height and distance, in all three spatial axes
- Intuitive user guidance from Assistants
- Measure from one station, every visible point can be measured by targeting with the visible laser dot, without the need to walk to the target
- Measure to difficult-to-reach points, such as roof edges
- As-built records of ceiling, floor and roof surfaces, volumes, inclination, falls, height differences, angles
- Plumbing of points, parallel offsetting of axis, levelling, transferring levels from wall to wall. Forget spirit level and measuring tapes!
- Realtime display of measurements as drawings on the screen
- Positionally accurate representation of the measured points in the camera display
- Pocket calculator
- Recording information in the form of standard tables, photos, DXF files, text files at the press of a button
- Remote control measurements
- Data import and export on PC and USB stick

What's in the Box:
1x Leica 3D Disto
1x Control Unit
1x RM100 Remote Control
1x USB Stick
1x Self-adhesive target marks
1x Ruler (for offset points)
1x Power Supply for 3D Disto and Control Unit
1x 2 USB cables
1x Power Cable 3D Disto to CU
1x Data CD 

Leica 3D Disto Brochure
Leica 3D Disto Manual
Leica 3D Disto Safety Manual
Leica 3D Disto QuickStart

Customer reviews

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    The Leica 3D disto is the most advanced disto I've ever used

    Posted by Craig Martin

    The leica 3D disto is the most advanced measuring disto I've ever used, and its good fun!

    This is a very high-quality piece of kit, I'm very happy with it.

  • 5

    The staff were very knowledgeable on the 3D Disto, they helped me very well

    Posted by Jack R

    The staff explained the 3D Distos features to me very well, they really knew what they were talking about so they were very helpful. I'm glad I bought my disto from this website, as the advice was very good.

  • 4

    Fast Delivery

    Posted by SS

    Very Fast Delivery, Very Pleased, Thank you very much!