Leica RodEye Plus Detector with Bracket

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Exceptional quality, great features: Additionally, the double beep beam finder, last beam strike memory, laser low battery indication and the reversible clamp for rectangular or oval rods put the Leica Rod Eye Plus at the top of the list for today’s contractor.

LCD Indication
Two, large graphic displays on the front and back of the receiver.

LED Indication
Three, bright LED’s can be used as a reference for the receiver’s position.

Nine Channel Arrow Display
Provides a stepped reference as you approach the laser beam.

Three Accuracy Bands
Allows you to work with a fine, medium or coarse band width.

Anti-Strobe Protection
Detects and ignores the flash from strong strobes on the job.

Zero Accuracy Band
Helpful when used to check the accuracy of your laser transmitter.

Three Accuracy Bands
Allows you to work with a fine, medium or coarse band width.

Beam Finding (double beep)
Pass the receiver through beam, the receiver to beep twice.

Memory Last Beam Strike
Indicates the direction to move in order to return to the beam.

Laser Low Battery Indicator
Alerts the user when the Rugby’s batteries are getting low.

Versatile Rod Bracket
A reversible clamp ensures solid mounting to both square and oval rods.

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The Leica Rod Eye Plus is a full featured receiver with proven performance in the field. Three bright LED’s, nine channel arrow display and audio output provide the user with all the information needed to lock on the laser beam and get the job done right.

What's in the Box:
1x Leica RodEye Plus Detector
1x Leica RodEye Plus Bracket

Leica RodEye Series Brochure

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    Item was in stock, i collected the same day from the Chester store, staff were very knowledgeable, advised me on the best way to do my measuring survey..i only went for the receiver ..cant knock there service!