Leica TS06ultra 3sec Total Station Package

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Customer Care Packages
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What's in the Box:
1x Leica TS06ultra 3" Flexline Total Station
1x Tribrach (GDF-111)
2x Batteries (GEB211)
1x Data Transfer Cable (GEV189)
1x Mini prism set (GMP111-0)
1x 4 section pole & spike
1x GSD04 Comm. Sidecover Set for TS02/06/09
1x FlexOffice Standard Software
1x GST05L Aluminium Tripod
1x Carry Case
1x 1 yr TS02 Support & Firmware Contract
Leica Flexline TS06 Brochure
Leica Flexline TS06 Datasheet

Customer reviews

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    I'm really happy with my Leica TS06 ultra total station

    Posted by Ryan Jacobs

    This Leica TS06 Ultra total station package is a really good product from Leica, you get everything you need to carry out high quality, precise measurements in tough on site environments. The TS06 total station itself has been built very well by leica, both physically and in terms of the software. It does seem to cost a lot of money, but this is the kind of money you have to pay for top quality total stations like this Leica TS06 ultra total station.

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    Very good total station from Leica, delivered really quickly

    Posted by Josh Hennessey

    The Leica TS06 ultra total station is a very modern, high-tech total station, it takes measurements very quickly and has all kinds of features to really speed the job up but maintain really good accuracy. The package for the TS06 total station is really good as well, it includes a really convenient collection of accessories to go with the TS06 ultra total station, to make the use of the total station very easy and maximise precision and your comfort and convenience whilst using it and looking at the results, including the tripod and data transfer accessories. I'd like to thank the people in the sales team and in the warehouse aswell for processing my order quickly and getting the total station package to me as quickly as they did.

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    The Leica TS06 ultra total station is definately worth the price, its a top class total station

    Posted by Martin Forester

    The Leica TS06 Ultra total station is a top class total station. As its made by Leica, who are famous for producing high quality, reliable products, the TS06 ultra total station is a very accurate and precise total station, capable of performing to highest standards in difficult on site conditions.