Leica TS09ultra 3sec Total Station Package

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Customer Care Packages
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What's in the Box:
1x Leica TS09ultra 3" Flexline Total Station
1x Tribrach (GDF-121)
2x Batteries (GEB221)
1x Charger (GKL221)
2x Charging adapters (GDI221)
1x Data Transfer Cable (GEV189)
1x GSD04 Comm. Sidecover Set for TS02/06/09
1x Mini prism set (GMP111-0)
1x 4 section pole & spike
1x FlexOffice Standard Software
1x GST05L Aluminium Tripod
1x Carry Case
1x 1 yr TS02/06/09 Support & Firmware Contract
Leica Flexline TS09 Brochure
Leica Flexline TS09 Datasheet

Customer reviews

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    The Leica TS09 ultra has so many features it makes the job so much easier

    Posted by Derrick Wilkes

    It does seem to cost a lot of money, but when you use the Leica TS09 ultra total station, and you realise what it can do and just how much easier and quicker it makes your work to complete, you see just how worthwhile it is to purchase the TS09 total station. It seems really tough and well made as well and the extras you get which make up the package deal for the Leica TS09 ultra fully utilise the total stations capabilities.

  • 5

    If you want a top of the range total station look no further than the Leica TS09 Ultra total station

    Posted by Gordon Ashley

    If you're a serious contractor, with the need for a top notch, heavy duty bit of kit, the leica TS09 total station is a brilliant choice. It does have a hefty price tag, but if you can afford it, and want/need a really good total station, it is so worth the cost. The TS09 total station gives you much greater performance than many other total stations, and is has so many more features which comes together to make your work much easier, and it makes your life a bit more convenient.

  • 5

    Really helpful service from the team when I bought my Leica TS09 Ultra total station

    Posted by Ron Cody

    I am pleased with my buying experience using this company to buy my Leica TS09 Ultra total station. The sales team were really helpful, I have definitely bought the exact total station that I needed. The TS09 total station does everything I need it to, and does it really well. The Bluetooth connectivity and data transfer process are really good, saves so much time and makes things much easier.

  • 5

    The Leica TS09 Ultra total station uses some great software and has really good features

    Posted by Craig Delaney

    The software in the Leica TS09 ultra is some of the best I've used in any total station, its really advanced and makes the process of taking lots of measurements much quicker and more much efficient. The bluetooth data transfer also helps to make working much more efficient, it makes other cheaper total station models look so insufficient. The TS09 ultra is another great Leica total station.