Leica Rugby 55 Laser Level - RE Plus and Alkaline Batteries

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2 Years Warranty
Register the Leica Rugby 55 within 8 weeks after purchase to extend the warranty.

With the Leica Rugby 55 the scanning or stationary beam can be quickly positioned in 90° increments... making layout easier by quickly moving the beam to the left of right side of the Leica Rugby 55. 

Beam Down Mode
By selecting zero rps with the head speed button, the rotating head automatically positions itself in a plumb down direction for alignment of the Leica Rugby 55 over a reference point.

Sleep Mode
Pressing the Up and Down buttons together on the remote will put the Leica Rugby into sleep mode for two hours to save battery life without disturbing your setup.

What's in the Box:
1x Leica Rugby 55 Laser Level
1x Rod-Eye Plus Detector & Bracket
2x Alkaline battery, Duracel LR20, 1.5 V
1x Alkaline Battery holder, Rugby 55
1x Carry Case
Leica Rugby 55 Brochure
Leica Rugby 55 Manual

Customer reviews

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    Good going guys

    Posted by Sean Elliott

    As a long standing surveyor I have always been able to trust and rely on the professional range of equipment sold on this website,and the rugby55 c/w is no exception.

  • 5

    Rugby 55 from leica is a really good bit of kit

    Posted by Terry D

    I've been really impressed with the leica rugby 55. It is a more expensive laser level option than some of its rivals made by other companies, but it is much better quality, so you will get much more use out of it, it will work for much longer and it is easiest to use. Its a false economy to buy cheap laser levels, as they dont last long and sometimes you cant even see the laser in bright daylight. The leica rugby 55 doesnt have these problems. Therefore, I'm overall very happy with my purchase.

  • 5

    Really good laser level and great service from the company

    Posted by Craig Jones

    The company were great in getting the leica rugby 55 laser level that I ordered out to me asap. The laser level is really good, its a really high quality leica product, it feels really tough and I imagine it will take a bit of a knock about here and there when I use it on site and I'm satisfied that it could take it without being damaged. The rugby 55 is overall a very reliable laser level.