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Leica Builder Series - Not just for foremen
For anybody working on or around a site with the need of a simple, intuitive, yet innovative, long-lasting and powerful measuring tool. With the Leica Builder, Leica Geosystems has designed a perfectly tailored tool for every construction job. Regardless of your profession, Builder will amazingly accelerate your work flow. From simple tasks to professional all-day use, the Builder Series offers a scalable product family that exactly meets your needs.

Because Leica Geosystems understands the way Builders built!

Leica Builder 200 - when tapes are a thing of the past
Traditional layouts require many steps and manipulations. The Leica Builder reduces these steps. As such the Leica Builder 200 adds benefit by reducing the number of set-ups and offers laser-aided layouts up to 80m/260ft. Its serial interface allows connection to any 3rd party device/program. 3 languages loadable.


What's in the Box:
1x Leica Builder 209 Total Station with EDM
1x Serial RS232 Interface
1x Laser Plummet
1x Keyboard
1x Tribrach
2x Li-Ion Battery
1x Charger
1x Flat Prism
1x Reflector Pole
1x User Manual
1x Hard ABS Protective Case
Leica Builder Series Brochure
Leica Builder Series Equipment List

Customer reviews

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    Leica Builder 209 total station is really easy to use

    Posted by Jason B

    The leica builder 209 is really easy to use. Its not got loads of complicated features and the menuis ery easy to navigate through. The builder 209 does exactly what I need it to do and it does it well.

  • 5

    The leica builder 209 total station is a really good total station for the price

    Posted by Michael Nesbitt

    It's not a top of the range total station with loads of features and extras, but for the price the leica builder 209 total station is a great total station, and the package deal makes it really worth the money. The builder 209 from leica is built really well and it feels really strong and robust.

  • 5

    Really useful total station from leica

    Posted by Tony Brannan

    The Leica Builder 209 total station is a really useful total station if you don't need one with all sorts of added extras and complex features. If you just need a simple, easy to use, but reliable total station that isn't too expensive, the leica builder 209 is a great choice. This package deal is also really good for the price.

  • 5

    My Leica Builder 209 was delivered really quickly, would definately use this website again

    Posted by Robert Plummer

    I bought the leica builder 209 as I didn't need a total station with all kinds of in depth features, I just needed something simple, so I went for the builder 209 model. I'm really happy with it - it's exactly as it is described - a really simple, easy to use but tough and reliable total station. The service from the guys running the website was really good when I bought the builder 209 total station, and the guys shipping the total station from the warehouse worked really fast to get it out to me asap, very much appreciated, so thank you to you guys. I would definitely use this website again.