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Leica Builder Series - Not just for foremen
For anybody working on or around a site with the need of a simple, intuitive, yet innovative, long-lasting and powerful measuring tool. With the Leica Builder, Leica Geosystems has designed a perfectly tailored tool for every construction job. Regardless of your profession, Builder will amazingly accelerate your work flow. From simple tasks to professional all-day use, the Builder Series offers a scalable product family that exactly meets your needs.

Because Leica Geosystems understands the way Builders built!

Leica Builder 500 - when versatility meets efficiency
The “flagship” of the Leica Builder Series equipped with all of the above features plus wireless com-munication via Bluetooth, full laser distance measurements up to 250m/820ft and up to 1.5mm accuracy at 100m covers the full range of tasks to be performed on any construction site. An -30°C option is available additionally.


What's in the Box:
1x Leica Builder 505 Total Station, multifunction EDM
1x Serial RS232 Interface
1x USB Compartment
1x Bluetooth
1x Laser Plummet
1x Alphanumeric Keyboard
1x Tribrach
2x Li-Ion Battery
1x Charger
1x  TrueZero Prism
1x Reflector Pole
1x User Manual
1x Hard ABS Protective Case
Leica Builder Series Brochure
Leica Builder Series Equipment List

Customer reviews

  • 5

    The leica builder 505 total station is a great piece of kit and the package is great value

    Posted by Alan S

    The builder 505 total station is a great piece of kit from leica, and the package is really good - especially considering the price.

  • 5

    Leica have made a real professional standard total station in the builder 505 total station

    Posted by Stuart Buckland

    The leica builder 505 total station would be a great measuring instrument for many different trades. As a civil engineer its been invaluable to me. The system is really advanced, the builder 505 can take really accurate measurements very quickly.

  • 5

    This total station package is worth the money, as the leica builder 505 is just a very good total station

    Posted by Daryl C

    This package for the leica builder 505 and all of the accessories and extras is a really good deal, as the leica builder 505 is such a good total station, and the extras included in the deal mean that you have everything you need for making fast, accurate measurements extremely conveniently. The leica 505 is a very high quality piece of equipment, measuring in all kinds of situations and for different applications.