Leica TS02 5sec Total Station Package

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Customer Care Packages
To ensure that you have complete peace-of-mind, a comprehensive range of Customer Care Packages are available with FlexLine Total Stations.

What's in the Box:
1x Leica TS02 5" Flexline Total Station
1x Tribrach (GDF-111)
2x Batteries (GEB211)
1x Data Transfer Cable (GEV189)
1x Mini prism set (GMP111-0)
1x 4 section pole & spike
1x FlexOffice Standard Software
1x GST05L Aluminium Tripod
1x Carry Case
1x 1 yr TS02 Support & Firmware Contract
Leica Flexline TS02 Brochure
Leica Flexline TS02 Datasheet

Customer reviews

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    Leica have made a really good total station in the TS02 - really easy to use yet very precise

    Posted by Stan Randalls

    Leica's TS02 total station is a great unit, its very easy to use but still produces very high quality accurate results.

    The package deal for the total station with all of the other bits is a really good deal. The tripod especially is really good, its strong and firm, so it gives the TS02 total station a good solid base to stand on and get reliable results, but its also light and convenient enough to be carried around and set up wherever it is needed.

    The TS02 total station itself is really good for the price, and it feels very tough and durable as well.

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    The Leica TS02 total station has been great for me

    Posted by Jack Binns

    I really like the Leica TS02 total station. The total station is really easy to use and has consistently given me really accurate measurements every time.

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    This Leica TS02 total station suits my needs perfectly

    Posted by Eugene Rose

    I've used a few different total stations in the Flexline range, but when it came to buying on I went for the Leica TS02 total station as it suited my budget and fulfilled my needs in terms of what it can do and the features it has. I've enjoyed using my TS02 total station so far, its not too complicated and works really well to give me really good measurements. Very pleased with my purchase of the Leica TS02 total station.