Leica TS02Ultra 7sec Total Station Package

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Customer Care Packages
To ensure that you have complete peace-of-mind, a comprehensive range of Customer Care Packages are available with FlexLine Total Stations.

What's in the Box:
1x Leica TS02ultra 7" Flexline Total Station
1x Tribrach (GDF-111)
2x Batteries (GEB211)
1x Data Transfer Cable (GEV189)
1x Mini prism set (GMP111-0)
1x 4 section pole & spike
1x FlexOffice Standard Software
1x GST05L Aluminium Tripod
1x Carry Case
1x 1 yr TS02 Support & Firmware Contract
Leica Flexline TS02 Brochure
Leica Flexline TS02 Datasheet

Customer reviews

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    This Leica TS02 Ultra total station package is a really good deal

    Posted by Matthew Armstrong

    This package for the Leica TS02 ultra total station and the various extras such as the tripod, carry case, data cable etc. is a really good deal, it gives you everything you need to make your life on site much easier. As it is a Leica product, the TS02 total station is very reliable and well made, I'm glad I went for a more expensive, yet higher quality Leica total station, rather than opting for a cheaper but sub-standard total station.

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    This is a good total station package from Leica

    Posted by Dominic Hillman

    I am happy with my Leica TS02 Ultra total station package, it has been very useful to me on site, its allowed me to take precise measurements quickly.
    The package is a very convenient buy, because there's lots of very useful extras included which help to make using the total station easier and quicker to get good results.

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    The Leica TS02 ultra total station is a really advanced total station

    Posted by Brendan Mackie

    I'm quite impressed by my new TS02 ultra total station. It is quite an advanced total station, better than some of the other total stations I have used in the past. Leica have a reputation for making high quality measuring instruments, and the Leica TS02 ultra total station certainly fits into that category.