Leica TS06power 5sec Total Station Package

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Customer Care Packages
To ensure that you have complete peace-of-mind, a comprehensive range of Customer Care Packages are available with FlexLine Total Stations.

What's in the Box:
1x Leica TS06power 5" Flexline Total Station
1x Tribrach (GDF-111)
2x Batteries (GEB211)
1x Data Transfer Cable (GEV189)
1x Mini prism set (GMP111-0)
1x 4 section pole & spike
1x GSD04 Comm. Sidecover Set for TS02/06/09
1x FlexOffice Standard Software
1x GST05L Aluminium Tripod
1x Carry Case
1x 1 yr TS02 Support & Firmware Contract
Leica Flexline TS06 Brochure
Leica Flexline TS06 Datasheet

Customer reviews

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    The Flexline range of total stations are very good piece of equipment, and I bought this Leica TS06 power total station

    Posted by Bradley Rice

    I had used other total stations from the Leica Flexline range before and I had been very impressed with their features and capabilities. When it came to buying a total station of my own, I went for the Leica TS06 power total station, as it fitted in to my budget and has all of the features that I need. I'm very happy with my purchase of the TS06 total station - as with the rest of the Flexline range, the software is really good in the TS06, and the total station takes measurements very quickly. The Leica TS06 is built to a very high quality, as you would expect for the price and the fact that it is a Leica total station. I would recommend this total station to anybody, if you have the cash to spend.

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    The leica TS06 power total station is a very advanced, reliable total station

    Posted by doug farrington

    The leica ts06 power total station suits my needs very well. The total station is not very difficult to use, but it is still very advanced and has all kinds of features which make the job much easier. The total station seems very hardy and durable, which is obviously important when its a tool to be used on site, so it looks to me as if it would be able to take a bit more punishment than a cheaper model, and hopefully last longer.

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    The package for the Leica TS06 Power Total Station is a great deal - really good total station and great bits of kit included.

    Posted by Anthony Hawkes

    The Leica TS06 power total station is a really powerful total station, it runs on some really good software and isn't too difficult to get to grips with, so you can get on with using it very quickly. The package which includes the TS06 total station, a tripod, carry case, batteries, data transfer cable and much more is a really good set to buy, because it gives you lots of great quality equipment to make the job much easier and make the use of the total station more convenient. The tripod for example is a very good, strong and stable piece of equipment, its not too difficult to carry around and reposition when you need to either, because its quite a light-weight aluminium design. So I would thoroughly recommend purchasing the Leica TS06 Power total station package.