Leica Rugby 100 Laser Level - RE Digital & NiMH Batteries

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What's in the Box:
1x Laser Rugby 100 Laser Level
1x Rod-Eye Digital & Bracket
1x Charger NiMH for Rugby
1x AC power cable 2-pole UK, to charger
1x Battery NiMH Pack for Rugby
1x Carry Case
Leica Rugby 100 Brochure
Leica Rugby 100 Manual

Customer reviews

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    This leica rugby 100 is a great bit of kit for a great price

    Posted by Simon Johnson

    The Leica 100 Rugby is a great piece of kit for levelling on site. I bought this model with NIMH batteries when I saw the special offer, because the rugbys are renowned for their reliability, so I thought this was a great price for a leica rugby laser level.

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    Really happy with the leica rugby 100 - especially at this price!

    Posted by Sam Bevin

    I've just bought this leica rugby 100 and I'm really pleased with my purchase. Leica are obviously well known for making really good quality stuff so I'm glad I've picked this laser level up for this price.

    I look forward to receiving it, which probably won't be long because I've had other dealings with this company before and the service has been very good. I can't wait for the laser level to arrive so I can have a good play with it.

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    Really high quality piece of equipment I wish I'd bought it from here at this price

    Posted by paul s

    I've just been browsing this site looking at measuring equipment, and noticed the advert for this leica rugby 100 laser level pop up on the home page. I recently bought this leica laser level from another site for a fair bit more money and I'm gutted that I didn't wait a little longer and find it for this price here. I can tell you that it is an excellent piece of equipment, its very tough and feels very high-quality, and it is very easy to use to help you level all kinds of fittings and installations in many different situations. So I would advise you to go for this leica 100 rugby unit especially while you can get it for this price

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    Excellent deal for a leica rugby 100, glad I came across it today

    Posted by Joseph Rudd

    I've used other leica products in the past, so I knew of the high reputation that they have and I've heard the Leica 100 laser level is a fantastic level, so when I came across this deal today I had to get it.

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    Happy with this deal for the leica rugby 100, every saving helps!

    Posted by Kevin P

    The leica rugby 100 is a fantastic laser level, I had used the rugby 100 before but I didn't actually own one myself. I saw this deal and decided to go for it and buy it. I'm glad I actually own a Leica rugby 100 now, as its a leica it is one of the best laser levels out there.