Leica Rugby 410 Laser Level - RE Digital & NiMH Batteries

Category: Dual Grade Laser Levels

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What's in the Box:
1x Leica Rugby 410DG Laser Level
1x Rod-Eye Digital Detector & Bracket
1x Battery Charger NiMH
1x AC power cable 2-pole UK, to charger
1x Battery NiMH Pack
1x Carry Case
Leica Rugby 410 Brochure
Leica Rugby 410 Manual

Customer reviews

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    This leica laser laser level is the best on the market as far as I'm concerned

    Posted by Mike Aldridge

    The leica rugby 410 laser level is the best laser level I've ever used. It does cost a lot of money, but its worth it because its so much better than anything other laser level I have used before. The rugby 410 has lots of features and it's very tough and capable of working really well in difficult site situations.

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    The leica rugby 410 is a really advanced laser level

    Posted by Nik Friedrich

    The leica rugby 410 laser level has some really advanced technology. The laser level is very accurate and precise, and its very easy to use despite that it is a really advanced piece of equipment.

    The rugby 410 laser level is also very well made. The service was also very good as the laser level was delivered very quickly to me.

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    This is a really good laser level from leica

    Posted by Jack Henshaw

    I'm really pleased with the leica rugby 410 laser level, it is one of the most expensive laser levels but its because it is the best. If you're a serious established contractor and have the money to spend, this is the best laser level you're going to find in my opinion.

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    The Rugby 410 is exactly what I needed, and the package is a great deal

    Posted by Les Delaney

    The Rugby 410 is a very high quality piece of equipment, and all of the bits like the carry case and detector are great. The package includes everything I need. I also found that the service was very quick for me, they got the laser level out to me really quickly. I can't complain.