Leica Rugby 50 Laser Level - Tripod & Staff

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2 Years Warranty
Register the Leica Rugby 50 within 8 weeks after purchase to extend the warranty.

Always automatic - Always self-leveling
The Leica Rugby 50 is designed to always turn on in automatic self-leveling mode. No concerns for setting up the laser incorrectly. Set up the Leica Rugby 50 within its wide leveling range, the instrument will automatically self-level and work can begin.

H.I. (Elevation) Alert
The H.I. or Elevation Alert function monitors the leveling of the Leica Rugby 50. Any significant disturbance or movement of the tripod will cause the alert function to activate. The Leica Rugby 50 will stop operation and will sound an alarm to prevent possible errors.

Out of level indication
During normal operation, the Leica Rugby 50 continuously self-levels. Small vibrations and disturbances may cause an out of level condition. The head will stop momentarily and the emission LED will blink until the unit re-levels and work can resume.

What's in the Box:
1x Leica Rugby 50 Laser Level
1x Rod-Eye Basic Detector & Bracket
1x NiMH Battery Pack
1x AC power cable 2-pole UK, to charger
1x Charger NiMH for Rugby
1x Carry Case
1x Tripod
1x Staff
Leica Rugby 50 Brochure
Leica Rugby 50 Manual

Customer reviews

  • 4

    Great service guys

    Posted by Cameron Mann

    Thanks for turning this around and getting it out to me so quickly, saved my bacon on a good contract cheers

  • 5

    Leica have made a really good laser level in the rugby 50

    Posted by Martin S

    The leica rugby 50 is a very easy to use laser level, its great if youre looking for something without all of the whistles and bells some laser levels have, and just want a simple but high quality level. I'm really pleased with the tripod and staff that come in this set. The tripod is really sturdy and strong, it provides a great base for this leica laser level.

  • 5

    I'm really happy with the leica rugby 50 and the service I received

    Posted by Pete Radcliffe

    The leica rugby 50 has been really useful for me, its really easy and very quick to use. I am also very happy with the service whilst I bought the leica rugby 50, the guys were very helpful and friendly and they shipped the laser level out to me really quickly.

  • 5

    The delivery was really quick, im really pleased with my order

    Posted by Sean Cody

    My delivery arrived just a couple of days after I ordered the rugby 50, I thought it would take a couple of weeks or something. Very happy with the service.