Leica Rugby 55 Laser Level - RE Plus and NiMH Batteries

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2 Years Warranty
Register the Leica Rugby 55 within 8 weeks after purchase to extend the warranty.

With the Leica Rugby 55 the scanning or stationary beam can be quickly positioned in 90° increments... making layout easier by quickly moving the beam to the left of right side of the Leica Rugby 55. 

Beam Down Mode
By selecting zero rps with the head speed button, the rotating head automatically positions itself in a plumb down direction for alignment of the Leica Rugby 55 over a reference point.

Sleep Mode
Pressing the Up and Down buttons together on the remote will put the Leica Rugby into sleep mode for two hours to save battery life without disturbing your setup.

What's in the Box:
1x Leica Rugby 55 Laser Level
1x Rod-Eye Plus Detector & Bracket
1x Charger NiMH for Rugby
1x AC power cable 2-pole UK, to Charger
1x Battery NiMH Pack, Rugby 50/55
1x Carry Case 
Leica Rugby 55 Brochure
Leica Rugby 55 Manual

Customer reviews

  • 5

    Customer service was very good

    Posted by Louie Todd

    Arrived on time, well apckaged. Has proved to be easy to use, and saves a huge amount of time.

  • 5

    The rugby 55 is a great piece of kit

    Posted by jason

    I'm really happy with the Leica Rugby 55 laser level that I bought.

    The rubgy 55 seems really tough and hard wearing, and it is very easy to use the keypad and operate the various functions.

  • 5

    Really pleased with the Leica rugby 55

    Posted by Derek B

    I purchased the Leica Rugby 55 laser level a few weeks ago from this site, and I've been really pleased with my buy so far. The quality of the rugby 55 laser level is obvious, leica have made it a very capable laser level whilst keeping it very easy to use with a simple keypad. The design also feels very strong, as if it could take the general wear and tear of use on site.

  • 5

    This leica rugby 55 feels like a really heavy duty and tough piece of equipment, its been great for me on site.

    Posted by Jamie Oldham

    really happy with my purchase of this leica laser level. The rugby 55 has loads of features but is still really easy to use, the button controls are really simple to understand. I've quite enjoyed using leica rugby 55 on site, it makes work much easier and seems to be coping with the elements and the odd accidental knock well.